Everything is connected.

See that blob over there? It's like the universe's abstract doodle, representing everything – you, me, the cosmos, and all the mysterious bits in between. We're this big, intertwined, and diverse collective existence, where each little move we make ripples through the whole blob.

Believe it or not, we're all accidental designers crafting our own storyline and the future of this funky interconnected being. As for me, I'm on a personal mission to seek solutions for an equitable future.

Be Like Water

I am formless like water, seamlessly adapting to change, much like the interconnected elements. Embracing my strengths, I playfully create ripples. Water, a symbol of adaptability, fills spaces effortlessly, transitioning between solid, liquid, and gas. Within the elemental unity, each serves a unique purpose. Though water cannot be fire, its ability to extinguish flames reflects a nuanced dance of purpose in the cosmic symphony.

Build Trust

I build trust through fostering a culture that empowers individuals to nurture ideas and hold meaningful space. In one-on-one discussions, meetings, facilitation, and moderation, I craft moments that humanize our interactions. My goal is to cultivate sanctuaries where individuals can authentically bring their whole selves to conversations, fostering genuine engagements.

Prioritize Impact

I prioritize the impact of my intentions. Rather than aligning self to center, I entrust the lived experiences of those touched by our co-crafted solutions. I eschew designing for the sake of mere creation, opting to design with. Community-level efficacy guides my choices, venerating traditional, indigenous, and local wisdom. Accessible solutions emerge through the generous dissemination of knowledge and tools, fostering a symbiotic relationship with the community.