Everything is connected.

You see that blob over there? Touch it. It represents everything. It is you and me, the universe, and all that exists that we cannot perceive. We are all one, interconnected and divergent being. Each of our individual actions effects the collective shape of this interconnected being. We are all designers of our existence and future.

Be Like Water

I am shapeless and formless, adapting effortlessly to change. I stay connected like the elements and play to my strengths, being playful and making waves. Water fills whatever space you throw it into. It has many forms; solid, liquid, and gas. Water is an element, and though each element is connected, each has a purpose.Water can not be fire but it can put a fire out.

Build Trust

I build trust by cultivating a culture that empowers individuals to hold space and nurture ideas. In 1 on 1 conversations, meetings, facilitation, and moderation, I create moments that humanize my experience and interaction with others. I aim to create safe spaces in which individuals can bring their entire selves to the conversation, resulting in truly authentic engagements.

Prioritize Impact

I prioritize the impact of my intentions. Rather than aligning self to center, I trust the lived experiences of those who are the beneficiaries of our co-designed solutions. Rather than creating for, I create with. I will not design for the sake of doing. I use what works at the community level; honoring and uplifting traditional, indigenous, and local knowledge. Solutions are made accessible by sharing knowledge and tools with the community.