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Mitutoyo Tangible Objects

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Summer 2018


Mitutoyo is a Japanese Multinational Corporation specializing in measuring instruments and metrological technology. The company was founded in 1934 by Yehan Numata with one product – the micrometer.  Today, with over 6,000 products in its catalog, Mitotoyo is considered the largest metrology company in the world. They make tools to measure everything from the thickness of a piece of paper to the depth of a large hole. Mitutoyo’s products are complex, precise, and advanced.

The Challenge

Prior to 2018, if you wanted to gain an understanding of the functionality and technology of Mitutyo’s tools, you just had to pick up a copy of their nearly 900 page catalog - or visit them at a trade show and get talked to sleep by an engineer.  Sounds thrilling...doesn’t it? (That was sarcasm if you couldn’t tell).

For the 2018 International Manufacturing and Technology Show (IMTS) Mitutoyo enlisted the help of Fast Effect to design and ship a memorable interactive experience for visitors of their booth. They were looking for something that could inform, as well as entertain, and give users the opportunity to interact with the tools themselves.  

The Approach

The Result

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